Friday, August 11, 2006

Fun Friday

So here is the ruined piece from yesterday. I went into my work space this morning and looked at it and realized that although the techniques had failed (I was trying to do a transfer with a transparency and when I pulled it off of the gesso it ripped my work to bejesus) that it was salvageable. So, I glued everything back together and left the transparency on. It has a different look than I was aiming for but I kind of like it: hence the title "whimsical mistake.
And check out the awesome Latin text stamp that I used above--it came from Ma Vinci's amazing stamp site. I have to confess that letters and numbers are an obsession of mine, but I hardly ever buy new stamps because they are so expensive. But Ma Vinci's stamps are so cheap! And, yes they are unmounted--a fact which used to fill my heart with terror--but since I've discovered how easy it is to mount using acrylic blocks (not to mention all the space I save) it's all I want to use now. If you love stamps you have to check out her site!

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