Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ink Blending Tool How-To

Here is my promised ink blending tutorial.
I have to say that when Inkessentails came out with the blending tool, my response was a not so enthusiastic "eh." I had ink "daubers" and didn't really see the point of buying yet another one. But then, I saw a sample of work that had been done with it and I went from "eh" to "oh my!" It's now become one of my favorite tools.
Here's the supply list for this project: three colors of ink, one of which should be light, one dark and one brown or black (I am using distress inks: tea dye, pine needles and walnut stain) ink blending tool and three blending foams (these are re-usable and last a really long time so don't start stressing about the cost of buying a ton of these little foams), something to protect your work surface, your inking surface and stamps.

Start with your lightest color and ink up your foam using a pouncing motion (the foam should be on the applicator, I know that sounds like a silly reminder, but I've actually forgotten to put it on a couple of times.)

Starting off of the paper, drag the blending in small circles onto the paper. You want to use a light touch and then press harder as needed. Remember, it's easy to add color, impossible to subtract!

Do this all around the edges of the card leaving the middle circle empty. This provides a nice visual focal point and gives it a little pop.

Now, using the same off the paper technique do the same with the darker color (remember to change your foam before you start!) You only want to come in a little, leaving the lighter color still showing.

Now take your dark brown or black and ink-up a new foam. Instead of working in circles this time, place the blender just on the edge of the paper and pull back off onto your craft mat/work surface protector. You can also pick the paper up and swipe the edge with the color.

Now, you're ready to add some stamps. I like to do a couple of stamps around the outside leaving the inside blank for the focal stamp.

Then, I stamp on a separate piece of paper and using the lightest color ink it as in step one, and then using the brown/black ink the edges. This echos what's going on the card and helps the image to feel like it belongs. You can always skip this and just stamp right into the center, but I like the look of the third image on top.

Then attach to your card and you're all finished!

The stamps I used here were by paper bag studios (the girls and the script) and inkadinkado for the swirls.
If you have any questions about the technique, or if one of my steps wasn't clear, please feel free to email me.


Matt and Gina said...

Very cool! Thanks for posting this :)

Lisa said...

You make it look all so effortless! Beautiful!