Friday, August 10, 2007

How to add texture

I took a card making class last week and learned a fun way to add texture to card stock. They used this fancy-smancy tool to create ridges, but I figured out a way to do it with a simple paper-cutter. If you click on the card below to get a larger image you can better see the texture I'm talking about. I made this card for an acquaintance who just had a baby. The onesie shape comes thanks to House of Stir Fry who always has great templates.
So here's what you'll need to create this texture: card stock, bone folder (or other small pointed tool) and a paper-trimmer.
Figure out which way you want your ridges to run and how far apart, once you've done so, lay the paper down on the paper trimmer, making sure the blade of the trimmer is at the opposite end.

Then, take your bone folder and run it along the opening of the paper trimmer, pushing slightly to force the paper down into the valley.
You can use your trimmer to measure, sliding the paper along and putting more ridges into the card. The sample at the top has a ridge every 1/2 inch.
Viola--nice and easy and beautiful. If you want to see another example, you can take a look at the pink card with the big white flowers that I posted here.
Feel free to email me with any questions!


Anonymous said...

This is the same technique that I use to make perfectly even edges on cards with my metallic markers. I use a broken paper cutter, because it messes it up a bit. Put your card in, with the edge of the card peeking out of the piece that holds it down. make sure it's straight & then use it as a guide for your marker. Looks very professional.

Happy Scrapbooker said...

I just tried this to add some dimension to some frosting on a birthday cay .scut file. It works wonderful. In lieu of the cuttlebug this technique will work. I also tried it using some templates of wave lines and shapes by placing the paper on foam board and the template on top and use the bone folder as the emboss tool. Thank you.