Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tiny Tuesdays

So my creation for Tiny Tuesdays is this little atc titled" Rendez-Vous." I used some distressing inks and embossing powders on the background to get the textured weathered look. In the meantime I've been playing a bit with beeswax--I signed up for a beeswax atc swap even thought I've never used it before...it's bit of trial-by-fire but I'm enjoying the process!

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tina's space said...

This is great. I can just detect the beeswax.
Thanks for your encouragement about the diet coke issue!!(Trying to give up) I have still managed not to have any to date(just under a month) but I could not give up coffee at the same time although I limit myself to one cup a day maximum..... I am defintely better off with drinking a whole lot more water these days.