Friday, February 23, 2007

Playing with texture

One of the things that I really love about keeping an art journal is that it's a space where I feel free to just play around with stuff. Most of the time I have no plan whatsoever! I've stumbled upon some of my favorite techniques using this process. This spread was created using my haphazard method. I knew I wanted to use old phone book pages, and I wanted a space for my golden girl, and I wanted to test the twinkling h2o's to see if they would stamp onto acrylics. And this is what I wound up with. I love working with phone book pages because of their thin texture, and how the text still shows through after paint has been applied. (If you click on the picture for a close up, you can still see the listings for lawnmowers!) After I crinkled the pages up, I glued them down using gel medium and then dry brushed them with acrylic paints. Once they were dry, I stamped on them a Latin text stamp using twinkling h2os. I think that they took to the acrylic really nicely. The golden girl is attached to the page using a pull-out tab (think pop-up book) so that she can be pulled-up for journaling space. Another one of my creative solutions so that I can have space to write.

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