Monday, March 05, 2007

Tissue Paper clean-up

I recently started working on a silpat (it is a silicone based flexible cooking sheet that is supposed to keep cookies from sticking to the pan) when I was doing stamping. Mostly because I took this amazing class with Maryjo Mcgraw and she taught us how to pick up stamp ink onto a brayer from a silicone or glass surface. Anyway, when I am done stamping there is always a bit of a mess--leftover ink on the silpat, leftover ink on the brayer and stamps. So this afternoon when I went to clean up I saw this old yellow piece of tissue paper I had out and had the idea of using it to clean up with. I wiped up the ink with it like it was a paper towel, and then cleaned my stamp by laying it down and brayering it repeatedly. Then I cleaned my inking brayer off by rolling it across the paper. I was so pleased with the results that once it was dry I stamped the little bird onto the paper repeatedly and a new background was born!

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