Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A little levity to tide me over....

So I've been feeling the need for some levity--for the obvious reason of the terrible events in VA. But also, because my grandmother had a stroke this weekend, which has my mother whipped up into a frenzy even thought my grandma is OK. No permanent damage, just a very very scary wake-up call. But you know how it is with familly; everyone has an opion and everyone thinks things should be done a certain way. And they will tell you about it, until you're ready to kill yourself jsut for the break. My husband is looking for a new job and is stressed out about the very difficult process and chooses to deal with it by sleeping constantly and grousing on the rare occasion he's awake. And my best friend's picked this weekend to completely lose her mind--we're talking full on foaming at the mouth mean spirited crazy attack, here. It's enough to make me take to bed until mandatory medication is instituted. Seriously, I look at my life and all I can think is "Welcome to the monkey house." So in the midst of my anger and depression I decided to try for a little humor. I'd been thinking about this conversation I overheard in target a few weeks ago. It was one of those moments that was so funny that it stuck in my brain, and I decided to do a page in my art journal.

My scanner really does not like it when I do anything in metallic--and the first two words are stamped in silver. The text reads "Be quiet. you don't bargain with the Easter Bunny. It's not cool." Which is a direct quote from some random mother in Target. Sometimes it's good to know that life can still be really funny.

Oh and PS--Kurt, I will miss you so much. I cried when I read that you died. I feel thankful for having met you. Hope you come back as something really really cool. Like the Easter bunny. I have it on good authority that nobody bargains with him.

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