Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Baby Wipe ATCs

I am in a swap right now using baby wipes and watercolors as the backgrounds. Here are two of them. In both cases I folded and dipped the wipe into the watercolors. Both of the stamps here are from Oxford Impressions. In fact, the third one that I did (which I hope to post tomorrow as it is still drying) I also used an oxford impression stamp. I think I've been in a mood for them lately. Anyway, I stamped them using Satzon onto a transpanrency and then attached. I wanted the background to show through.
I have a couple of HUGE projects I'm working on as part of my design team responsibilities and I hope to start posting some of it tomorrow.

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lisacrofts said...

thanks for putting these on your website as i have these stamps but never know what to do with them