Monday, August 13, 2007

Journal Prompts.

Over on the D'Blogia site there are some fantastic journal prompts. Dawn puts a new one up every Friday. This last Friday I took a personal day--I was over stressed and decided that it was either that or keep on having panic-attacks.--so I spent some of the time doing art work. Below is the page I did in reference to the "Map of your day." I've been trying to add in more drawings into my journal, so I used this entry as an opportunity to work on my little doodles.
This one is from the most recent prompt about music on your ipod. I did a page about one of my play lists, since I have way too much music to list it all. Something went wiggy with my scanner and I don't have a full picture--I didn't realize it until I loaded it up. :( SO you'll just have to make-do with a partial picture.


Dawn said...

I love your results, Bianca! Thanks for letting me know!!

Jennifer said...

Your prompt pages are wonderful! Dawn's prompts are so fun, aren't they? The mapping your day was was my favorite so far ... I think I need to do that one often.