Saturday, August 18, 2007

Teddy Bear's Picnic

My Hubby and I each took yesterday off because we were both stressed out and feeling snarky after our move a few weeks ago. For fun, we went to the IMA and had a lovely picnic lunch. Something we haven't done in over a year. I think picnics should be mandatory every couple of weeks when the weather is nice. There is just something about laying in the grass and lazing away the afternoon with some good food that resets the batteries. We were so lucky that we had the grounds all to ourselves--we only saw 2 other people the whole time we were there. Here are some pictures I took of all the beauty. I promise you I won't post any pictures of my husband smiling cheekily (although I have 3 of them on my camera) or of me singing the teddy bears picnic song (which I did and my husband thought I was making it up!)
This is the view of the fountain from where we sat.

And just look at this gorgeous water lily that was blooming in the fountain. Can you believe this color?

Here are 2 more views of our picnic spot. One of the main house and one I took while looking up from my back at the light in the trees.

I couldn't believe how amazing the blue of these little flowers was. And it just went on and on like an ocean of flowers.

I have no idea what this next thing is, but I liked the fuzzy look of it. For some reason it looked like a Muppet to me.

And lastly, the ever famous statue. Because what would a trip to the IMA be without a picture of it? I've often thought that it conveys the emotion just perfectly--like it is the biggest possible thing that could ever be.

Tomorrow I will be back with new artwork, I promise.
For now have a lovely day!

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