Thursday, September 13, 2007

Christmas in September

Did you ever have one of those days where absolutely everything made you want to scream?
One of those days where you were afraid that once you started screaming you wouldn't stop and you would just be running madly through the grocery store, the post office, and (gasp!) the library, screaming your head off like a madwoman?
Today was like that for me today.
Today, I wished I owned a bullhorn so that I could tell everyone I met what I thought of them at the maximum volume allowable under the law.
And then I came home and sat down at my work space and faced all this Christmas themed stuff I have to get done as part of my design team work for Wishful Thinking and found myself totally and completely blocked. I was still so angry and so not in the mood for Christmas anything. But I had the time to work and it needed to be worked on, so I plugged in my ipod and turned on my Bing Crosby Christmas album hoping for some inspiration.
And then something amazing happened: all my tension melted away. I no longer felt like swearing, smacking or flipping-off anyone. I found myself listening to the music--and I mean really listening, not that half-assed in the mall-stressed-out-gotta-find-that-gift-now! listening that I normally do to Christmas music and I found myself remembering the magic and the love I had for the holiday as a child. Who knew? Christmas music as a stress-reducer.
Anyway, here is one of the pages I made using technique Tuesdays new line of scrapbooking chipboard. I am not, normally, a scrapbooking sort of gal. But I enjoyed this page. I have another I'm half-way through that I'll post tomorrow. Have a look. In the meantime, I'm going to lay on my bed and listen to Elvis's "If everyday were Christmas" album in the hopes of totaly blissed-out relaxation. God bless the king.

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