Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Heart Indiana Altered Art

I am home from a long weekend out of town.
A long weekend with no art.
I feel like I'm dying a little inside. I know that sounds really dramatic...but I've been working night and day trying to get stuff done and NOT working for two whole days felt really unnatural. I missed the outlet. And what's worse is the friends I went to go see--who I love--are not artists. None of the people that I spent time with this weekend were artists. They're all the college professor types. Now, don't get me wrong, they are all brilliant people, but they like to talk about their work. And I never get to talk about my work.
I think it would be boring to them. Who cares if I discovered a new way to use the versamark stamp-pad? Or that I got this great new binding system for my birthday? Or am considering buying a cuttlebug because I love the embossing plates?
I had a moment this weekend where I realized that I can't really talk to them about this huge HUGE piece of my life. It's like this whole part of me doesn't exist for them. It made me feel lonely.
I wonder--you other artists out there, do you ever feel this way? Or do you just force your art talk on people? I would truly love to know, because I feel so very segmented.
So, I get home and am feeling down and art-starved and a little lonely because of the whole lack of sharing and there is this great email from Beth in IndianaAlteredArt sitting in my in-box and all I could think was thank God for the ladies at IAA.
So here is my very rambling, public thank you to all the very wonderful and talented ladies who make my life a little less art starved. You are my teachers, my friends and wonderful source of support.
I heart you. I really do.


Debra Jones said...

Hey Bianca! I know exactly what you mean. My BFF is an accountant! She does not have a creative bone in her body! She has no idea why I would spend ( and spend I do! ) so much of my hard earned money or my time! I know she thinks I am crazy, until I hear " can you help me make some invitations for our party!" Notice the "help me"... which really means "make me"! That's ok! In some way she appreciates it! I like the IAA for exactly the same reasons... anyone who can understand me getting excited over webbed cardstock over text for a witches dress is all I need! Hey, does this post count for your contest?

Kristin Hubick said...

I hear ya sista! I almost died being on that cruise for a week with no art, despite all the fun we had! I don't really force art talk on my non-artist friends, I just don't really bring it up. To be honest, I only have a few friends left that aren't artists, but they are supportive, and will come to my gallery openings etc. But I don't think they really "get it". Like you, I just live in both worlds at different times. For instance, Sat. I'm going to your house (send me directions) then I'm meeting my BF for dinner and coffee (and no art) in the evening. Sometimes it's nice to take a "break" I suppose, or I would live, eat (okay maybe not), and breathe art. My job is very non-creative as well. I guess I enjoy art so much more because I only get to do it every so often. I truly cherish the time. And I heart IAA too!!!!!!!! Looking forward to Saturday! Maybe I can grab those cabinet cards you were gonna let me scan too? That would be awesome!!!!!

Cindy said...

Hi Bianca! How wonderful that you have a group like IAA. I meet with a group of creative ladies once a month, but none of them really do the kind of work that I do. They are still encouraging and supportive, though. I hope I don't foist my art talk on my non-artist friends, but I have a couple who seem to be interested and enjoy hearing about what I'm doing. My BFF is doesn't just listen, but she encourages the conversation by asking questions. And my in-laws are two of my biggest fans. I don't really "talk" art to them, but I show them *everything* I create, and they seem to appreciate that. The rest of my non-art friends ... well, I just don't often bring up that part of my life with them.