Thursday, September 06, 2007

What I did on my birthday

Yesterday was my birthday.
And I decided to take it easy. I had been expecting to teach, but fate intervened and I wound up having the day off. So, I painted and went shopping and took it easy. It was nice to have a day without any stress. No calling lawyers, or doing laundry, or signing paperwork, or listening to whinny parents
Here are two pages from my journal. Sorry for the lack of close-up, my scanner is acting fritzy. On the left, is a page that was made from the journal prompt over on D'Blogia. And the one on the right is the page I made in celebration of my birthday.

So after a quiet stress-free day, I sat down had a drink and listened to a little Lucinda Williams. Something about her whiskey-burned voice that just soothes my soul. I have included a video with her singing in the background--give her a listen and see if you don't feel soothed too!


Marc Geelhoed said...

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Whinny parents? What da ya mean whinny? I didn't raise you to disrepect your elders. Why I ought to drive over there and .... it times like this I remember the words of my father. He would say: "what are you doing in the bathroom? Get out of there and give someone else a chance!"

Glad you had a good B'day