Monday, November 19, 2007

My Muse

The theme for this month's challenge over on the GPP site is muses. So, here is mine:

My muse is the poet e.e. cummings. I read his poetry almost obsessivly. And whenever I am stuck artistically, I find that he almost always gets me unstuck.
Here is one of my favorite poems by him:

"but if a living dance upon dead minds
why,it is love;but at the earliest spear
of sun perfectly should disappear
moon's utmost magic,or stones speak or one
name control more incredible splendor than
our merely universe, love's also there:
and being here imprisoned,tortured here
love everywhere exploding maims and blinds
(but surely does not forget,perish, sleep
cannot be photographed,measured;disdains
the trivial labellings of punctual brains...
-Who wields a poem huger than the grave?
from only Whom shall time no refuge keep
though all the weird worlds must be opened?) Love"


michelle ward said...

Bianca - glad to have you share your Muse with the team. Ah, poets! Many men's words have entered my head too, at times when I needed a fresh perspective, or the right line, or the push to go to the edge. A lovely poem, thanks for that!

Barone said...

Fabulous reminder of the work of e.e. cummings. He has always inspired me to appreciate the raw, unsurly edge of my voice that is hungry for the beauty in words and metaphor but wants to create poetry with an inner recipe in mind. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Be well. jodi barone

Ariel Gill said...


What a great reminder of a great poet. I was introduced to cummings in high school and have read him on and off through the past 40 years. Time to go look up a few favorites. Thanks for the muse.