Thursday, November 01, 2007

You must go

To the:
Over on 56th and Illinois is a wonderful bastion of cupcake yummy-ness. The flying cupcake--run by those trendy women who own Girly Chic Boutique; an amazing store that is all things in it's name--boasts many different types of freshly baked cupcakes and gelato. I went today for a little pick-me-up and took some pictures.
Here is the vast bounty that I had to choose from: (aren't you feeling hungry just looking at it?)

And here is one of there funky shabby-chic-seating areas:

And here is my cupcake--chocolate with butter cream frosting and a darling ballerina:
So get off your duff and go get a cupcake.
Seriously, why are you still reading this???

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Kristin Hubick said...

Oh yum yum!!! That place is SOO cute! I'll have to try it!