Thursday, January 24, 2008

Feng-Shui and other art stuff

I am finally moving into my new studio....after almost 6 months of living in our new house. But, of course, it's a complete mess. I keep trying to rearrange it so that it works better, but mostly I end-up pushing boxes around the floor and dumping piles of supplies out and sorting through them and finding a perfect little something and deciding that I need to start a new project right now! Only to sit down at my table and find myself distracted by the feng-shui of the room--the massive piles of stuff everywhere and so the process starts all over again.
I have 4 unfinished products sitting on my table beckoning to me but all i see when I go in is the stuff...
I did manage to get another page from my journal done, here it is:

I dyed the lace with some coffee to give it the vintage look, and then I melted some crayons with a heat gun for the top and sunk some postage stamps into it while it was wet. It was my first try with crayon wax....I'm not certain I like it, but I suppose that's how it goes when you try something new.

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