Wednesday, January 30, 2008

party hat!

I had plans to post this yesterday, but then the weather stepped in. It went from 56 degrees to 25 in an hour and the transition was accompanied by rain, lightening, tornadoes, and finally a snow storm. We lost power and heat (because of course the lighter on the gas furnace is electric powered.) The power went off at 7pm and didn't come back on until this morning. And since the temperature dropped down to sub-zero with the wind-chill, we had to abandon the house and stay with my mother to keep warm.
I am happy to be back in my house and have lights and heat and of course, my art room!

I made this as part of my design team work for Retro Cafe Art Gallery, who supplied this charming image of the little girl and cupcake. I used some stamps, paint, beads, and vintage paper.
Here is a big picture of it:

And here is a close-up so you can see the charming little girl:

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