Friday, June 27, 2008

Don't scan tired

I scanned in this photo of a birthday card that I made using an image from Retro Cafe Art Gallery, (I believe the collage sheet is Birds II) but being that I was really tired and trying to do about 5 things at once, I didn't watch what I was doing and cut off part of the photo in the scan. And of course the card is all neatly sealed in it's envelope and taped to the front of the present it's accompanying, so I cant re-scan it. Sigh.
Oh well.
You'll just have to imagine what it looks like with a brown border all the way around.
I am just in love with this little bird. He is just too cute. And that text about the Lark behind him? Total serendipity. I just picked up a scrap to stick behind and there it was. I love it when things like that happen.
I will see you all on Monday when I return--have a great weekend!

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