Thursday, July 17, 2008

Late to the Dance

I am massively late to the dance on this one--the band has packed up and the floor is littered with confetti. But I feel the need boogie-oogie all by my lonesome for a moment.
I'm talking about the challenge for the GPP street team for June. It was a rubbing technique, which I won't go into details here since Ms. Ward did such a bang-up job explaining it herself, so you can just follow the link.
While I was trying out the technique something wonderful happened. I was having trouble finding the right paper weight. Too thick, I got no image, too thin, it would tear with water. I was sitting at my very messy table pondering weather or not to throw in my crayons when my eyes lit-upon a piece of tyvek that I'd left out for another project.
For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, Tyvek is some super-duper-space-age-material that isn't quite plastic, isn't quite paper. It's manufactured by Dupont and wonderfully enough, is the stuff that they use to make the priority mail packages at the USPS. You know the ones that they give away for free....
Anyway, this stuff is water-proof, tear proof, and does fun stuff when heated. Best of all, it is thin, so it's perfect for doing a rubbing. Here is what I did with it. I Should mention that I heated the edges to cause it crumple and bubble a bit; which is why it isn't flat.

And here is how I incorporated it into a piece in my art journal:

I have to say, I'm just in love with this technique. I'm going to hit the post office tomorrow and then off to a cemetery to get some rubbing's....

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KathrynAntyr said...

You are not alone! I'm so glad you kept experimenting. I didn't know about the Tyvek and I'll have to try that out the next time I get some! I also love what you did with it. Your message echoes what I feel about my creative experiments -- I do these for me, it's what I do.