Monday, September 08, 2008

The Mysterious Applegate Family

I know I've been quiet for a while, but I found myself in dire need of a posting break. I had a lot of deadlines in August and I think I got a little burnt out. I just wanted to sit and read, play in my studio without any pressure and take it easy. I love my blog, but the point at which it becomes a burden it's out lived it's usefulness.

But I'm back with some art. I made this little book as part of my design team work for Retro Cafe Art Gallery. I used several slide mailers (which are used to mail microscope slides) and glued them together to tell the story of the Mysterious Applegate Family. Here is the cover tied shut:
Here is the cover without the ribbon blocking it. I used photoshop to create the title cover.

Here are the photos of the inside. You're going to have to excuse my very chipped-up nails. Like most artists--I can't keep a manicure to save my life!

These last two pages use images from Retro's collage sheet titled "The Applegate Family" hence the name of the book.

And here is a picture of the back.

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