Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Book Binding

I've been working on some samples for different types of bookbinding. It is really addictive. I made this first one using a bunch of left-over scrapbooking paper. The style is called "stab" (which my hubby just loves. The entire time I was working on it he kept saying "I stab you!" and laughing...) but it's also known as Japanese style binding.
This one is a tapes style binding. It's one of the oldest styles of binding out there. If you ever take a look at a really old book--where the spine has those little ridges--that's tapes binding. You bind onto the tapes or thongs and then cover them using leather or book cloth. I opted not to cover the spine on this one, because it fit the feel of the book better. The covers are old bingo cards.
I have a couple more I'll try to get up in the next day or so.

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