Monday, February 19, 2007

Petty Fairy

I just bought the new ATC book, by Bernie Berlin which if you haven't read it, is full of amazing techniques for all sorts of altered art--not just atcs. Anyway, I tried out one of her techniques for this spread in my journal and I think it is my new favorite. What you do is cut out an image from a magazine, lightly gesso it, when the gesso is dry, outline the features you want to highlight in a black permanent pen, and then paint. The face of this fairy is actually from a magazine that I altered using this process. If you click on the photo you can get a better look at her face and hair. Because I love using faces I know that I will use this technique over and over and over! The really funny thing about this, is that I didn't realize until I went to post this pic that somehow in the gluing I left one of the "e"s out of the word fareie. Ooops. Oh well, now my piece has some wabi-sabi.

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audrey h. said...

very cool the background colors on your pages.