Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wednesday Stamper

The theme for this week's wednesday stamper is shoes. Oddly enough, I don't own a single stamp that has a shoe on it, so i got to thinking and decided to make a giant shoe out of fun foam. I was thinking about the children's rhyme about the woman who lived in a shoe. After cutting out my shoe shape, I heated the fun foam and pressed my alphabet jumble stamp into it. When it was cool, I painted it with acrylic and then dabbed some ink onto the top of it so that the stamping would show up a bit better. The background is an old piece of organ music, that I stamped grass and stars onto. I cut it down to fit in my art journal as a tip in.


Hermine said...

Great idea.

Sija said...


rammsteinchen said...

lovly idea with the boot