Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cork and Stencils

So, Mary Ann, who is an amazing artist, was doing this thing on her blog about people's bulletin boards and I kept meaning to take a picture of mine, but our camera's batteries were dead. And I kept doing that thing where I wander through target looking at stuff thinking "Now Bianca, what is it I keep forgetting to buy? Hmm..." Then I would promptly get home with my bag full of Resses peanut butter eggs, and other equally bad for me things and see my camera sitting on my desk and smack myself in the head and promise that the next time I wouldn't forget. Except I would. Anyway, I finally remembered the batteries and took this picture. I tend to stick random stuff on my board, first runs at new techniques or stamps. Stuff that I have no use for, as of yet. There are also a couple of pictures, one of me and my Nonna, and one of me and my Grandfather. I think my favorite thing I did up here is the dancing skeleton in the tulle dress. If you click on it, you should be able to see her. I also keep images that inspire me, of course.

As long as I had my camera out, I took this shot as well. I cut my very own stencils today. You can see them at the top of the photo black and white from the paint I used. These were the first I'd done by hand--I've made some using punches but that's not really very complicated. I actually cut several today, but I only used these two. I am really happy about how they turned out. I'm not certain if this page is done yet or not. I went out on our porch to look at it tonight and just couldn't decide. So we'll have to see.

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Linda Schiffer said...

Hi, Bianca. I have some skull fabrics to send you, but I apparently neglected to get your mailing address. Send me your address at and I"ll mail them off to you.

We got our reservations for the Con in August, but they are at home -- I'll send you the dates soon as I hear from you.

:) Linda (in Baltimore)