Monday, March 12, 2007

The Great Experiment

So I've been playing around with spray paint the last couple of weeks or so and I finally took the plunge. The messy, no plan, wild plunge. I find that I, like many artists have a comfort zone, and sometimes it's hard for me to step out of it. But I did it this weekend and I have to say, I'm very happy with the results. I titled this the great experiment because to me, that's what it was. I used several different types of spray paint and some stencils to get the effect. I have to admit that I'm so bad about letting things dry! I'm always trying to rush the paint into being ready. I think my favorite discovery in this spray paint experiment has to be Krylon's sprayable webbing. I used it to get those silver splatters and am just in love with effect and texture if it. I made a matching envelope to go along with this spread with matching card-stock cards inside for my journaling. I attached the envelope with some jump-rings. The photo I attached with some string that I sprayed to match the blue and red theme of the page.

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audrey h. said...

This is awesome. I have been dying to try this technique...just have to go buy some spray paint colors that i like :o)