Saturday, April 28, 2007


You are going to be so jealous of me, you're not even going to be able to see straight for all the green envy! I learned a couple of new monoprinting techniques today. And it was the most fun I've had at an art class in a long while!
So here is the lovely and incredibly talented Ariane, showing off all the different types of monoprinting that she knows how to do.

Here we are starting out, putting our stuff onto the transparency sheets. I love how bright and cheerful all the drops of color look.

And here we have a finished product. What you can't tell from the photo, is that it looks EXACTLY the same on the front as it does on the back. It really is such a fun technique.

Here is a picture of all of our creations laying out to dry.

See, aren't you jealous? You know you are.
You want to learn how to do the technique? Go over to the Indiana Altered Books Group website, I'm putting it up there. So go on over and cure your jealousy.

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