Friday, April 27, 2007

A Card & Pancakes

If I have one weakness, it's breakfast food. And since I'm NEVER hungry first thing in the morning, I like my breakfast for dinner. Take a look at these yummy blueberry pancakes that I had for dinner. This photo really does not do them justice--they were filled to the brim with tart blueberries. I slathered them in blueberry syrup and went to town.
Now, I don't normally post pictures of plants--and for a very good reason. I grew-up in a house full of people obsessed with plants. We're talking Latin naming, pruning-sheer wielding, plant obsessives. While they spent hours outside tending soil, I spent hours inside practicing my music. The problem was, I didn't have anyone who shared my obsession, and was forced to listen to endless dinner conversations about root-rot and other such things. I actually used to interject musical bits into the conversation sometimes. It would go like this:
Mom: The hydrangeas are really coming along nicely. I'm glad we got the ph balance sorted out.
Andy: Yeah, and did you catch a load of that Atropa belladonna, it's really blooming!
Me: I find the dissonance in Shostakovitch to be more soothing than disruptive.
And so on.
Which is why, I hardly ever post any pictures of my own garden. But I had to post this, because the color was so lovely. I will not bore you with the Latin name, or tell you stories about what kind of plant food I used.

Lastly, I have this card that I made for my grandmother as a little get well present. I saw something similar in one of the stamping magazines and really liked it, so I modified it slightly, and made this. I think it's cute if I do say so myself!

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mom said...

That tricky ph level has to be adjusted again!! And, how lovely of you to create such a charming card for grandma Millie.