Saturday, April 07, 2007


Chicago was a lot of fun! I was so tired from all the walking, that I came home and slept for 12 hours straight! Whew! Here is a photo of the Navy Pier from a distance. It was way too cold for that sort of thing--it snowed the whole time I was there, so no Ferris wheel for me.

Here are two photos of the lake, it was such a lovely color, from the cold. The waves were really rough, but I didn't get a good photo of it.

Last but not least, here are couple of photos of fun stuff I saw while I was out and about. I loved the details on that building. It was actually one of several, that were obviously all built at the same time. The second is a little Eiffel Tower that didn't seem to be connected to anything French. But it was cool nonetheless.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to put up some of my art.

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