Friday, July 27, 2007

10 Day Journal Project

Exactly 10 days before we were set to move I went to the mailbox to discover a package waiting for me. I was confused because I knew I hadn't ordered anything and didn't recognize the sender's address. But low and behold it was the 10 day journal project. Serendipity is running this on-going art project where she sends you a journal for 10 days and you work in it and send it back. At the end of this year all the journals are going on display in a gallery show. She has a sign-up on her website but the catch is that you have no idea when the journal is going to come--you just sign -up and wait. Well, you can imagine my reaction when I got it. There was a lot of swearing involved. I'd planned on packing up my art supplies first so that there would be no distractions. So I revised my plan and started working on the journal. Since we were preparing to move I decided to do work about that. Here are the pictures of my completed work. I did five pages in total. One every two days--which wasn't bad considering that I was packing and cleaning and calling utilities and all that other nonsense that has to be done, in between my art. So after you're done looking at my stuff you should take a look at Serendipity's site and think about signing-up yourself. Just beware that the it'll probably arrive at the worst possible time--like while you're giving birth or in the middle of a hurricane or negotiating peace in the middle-east. Or all three all at once.


Kristin Hubick said...

Goodie you're back!!!! Gorgeous pages!!!!

Bedv said...

Missed you! What number journal did you work in for Serendipity? My pages are in Journal Five. Also noticed some pics of my zine pages too!