Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bed and a Thank You

You have to see these photos of our gorgeous new bed!

My Uncle Jim made it for us. He actually milled the oak himself from a neighbors tree that had come down. So this bed is really from scratch. (As a kid I used to go and spend time at my Aunt's house right next door--we spent most of our time playing outside. I like to think that I spent some of childhood playing near the tree that is now my bed.) Part of what I love about it, is its simplicity. He made his own bed and it's a lot fancier--but Eddy and I don't like our furniture too fussy. The pictures don't really do the craftsmanship justice--I keep saying he needs to go into business for himself.
Here is a close up shot of the wood.

And lastly, here is a card that I made him to say thanks for all of his hard work. The stamp is by Stampendeous.

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