Friday, August 03, 2007

Succumbing to temptation

It's finally happened: I've succumbed to temptation. I blame the 10 day journal project (which I wrote about here.) Before I received that nice big journal in the mail I was perfectly happy with the size of my current art journal.
Well, that's a lie.
I wasn't happy, but I was making do. I was sticking it out. I was going to finish it and get to work in a larger one.
But after the ten day journal project I found that I simply could not bear to go back to my small journal. And there were all these lovely, large, books that I'd purchased at a library sale just sitting on my shelf calling to me. Tempting me.
And I could not resist.
I hate the fact that I abandoned my old book, which was almost 75% done. But I am LOVING the larger size.
Here is a page that I did the other day.

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