Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Moving Day

Today is a very sad day for me. Today is the day the my good friend Kasia is moving. She is oh-so-brilliant that she got a teaching post at a university 3 hours north of here and is off to improve the minds of feckless youths.
While I am happy for her and her hard-won success, I am, on a completely selfish level, miserable. I would love nothing more than to fling myself down on the floor and throw a massive tantrum full of flailing arms and gnashing teeth complete with giant crocodile tears.
But I know I can't do that, so instead I made her a care package and mailed it off today so that in two days time it will arrive at her new home. Here is her package all trussed up and ready to go.

And here is the card and matching envelope I made for her. All the stamps are by Stampendous, as are the little glittery-things. I used a watermark stamp-pad to get the lighter colored stamps in the background. This was my first try using it for something other than pearl-ex powders and I have to say, I'm in love with how it looks.

And last but not least--a little music for Kasia, since I know in a week or so, when she's all settled she'll be reading this: Kasia darling, this song's for you, because "I guess on days like this, you know who your friends are."

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