Saturday, August 25, 2007

A ribbon Box

Since I've been unpacking all my art supplies I decided that now is a good time to get my supplies organized. In my old studio place I had wooden dolls to thread thought the center of the rolls, but I've got a lot of smaller spools and they wouldn't fit on it so they wound up in a drawer rolling around and getting all tangled up. Yuck!
I decided to take a cue from Martha and make my own ribbon box. I used a photo storage box and large eyelets. I created a divider to hold the two levels of ribbon on the inside, threaded my ribbons through the holes and viola! So wonderfully organized.

The only other artwork I have to put up is this card that I made for a friend who recently came back from living overseas. I layered a bunch of different flower cut-outs with some fibers. I used one of those Rhonna Ferrar stamps and then added color with a gel pen. The turned down corners are actually a different pattern of paper: I used a square punch and attached it to the back and then folded down.

Have a happy weekend all!

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