Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I have been on a quest for the perfect calender. I was standing in Target the other night looking at day planners and feeling that familiar funk: I need something to write down monthly appointments, write out lists, keep track of swaps and take notes in. I don't need something for every day work stuff since I keep a palm-pilot for that. As I stood there bemoaning in my head a thought struck me--why don't I just make my own???
So that's what I did.
Take a look: I took it to Kinkos to have it bound. I really wanted a hard mat-board cover but they wouldn't bind that and since I don't have my own spiral binder I had no choice but to go with what they offered me. I covered the offending plastic cover with some decorated card stock and an image of me.

This is what the inner cover looks like. I printed out a blank template for the months on heavy card stock and then filled in the date and decorated the top. They fold out.

These mail art records are courtesy of a girl and her journal. I printed a bunch of these off and put them in. No more searching for my art swaps info now!

This last picture is of some scrapbook paper I included in to take notes on and my to-do list, which I printed a bunch of these off and put in them in as well.


Bev said...

Wow,Bianca! What calendar. You have absolutely the most courageous creative mind! I envy your gung ho I-can-do-it-myself attitude.

Bev said...

OOPS! That's supposed to be "what A calendar! That'll teach me to use Preview before I hit Send!

Kira said...

EEE! It's so cool to see someone else putting my little sheet to good use! *G*