Thursday, October 11, 2007


I realize that you can't see me right now--but I am doing a jig around my living room.
No joking. I have Wilco's A ghost is born blasting on my ipod and am a dancing fool.
Because my friend--the lovely and talented--Kris of Retro Cafe Art Gallery asked me to be on her design team. She is going to be opening her own stand-alone internet store soon, but for now you can still find her on ebay.
Hence, much dancing and rocking out.
I was so excited to get started that I made this little card using one of her collage sheets this evening. I'm thrilled that I managed to stop dancing around my living room long enough to do this. The big gate stamp is by Paperbag Studios, the hat is by Inkadinkiado and the swirls are by Rhonna Ferrar (they didn't really scan very well because they're stamped in a metallic ink that my scanner hates) and the little girl is by Retro Cafe Art Gallery.
A big thank you to Kris, for such a fun opportunity!


Kristin Hubick said...

Oh gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! Off to post this wonderful piece as a sample!

BTW, check out my blog :).


Bev said...

I'm very excited for BOTH you guys! You go girls!

Heather Robinson said...

Love the mysterious looking background. Makes one wonderful what is on the other side of the gate. Great piece.