Monday, January 14, 2008

Metaphorical eyes and stomach

It's finally happened: I've turned into my mother. It was a harrowing revelation to be sure--because no matter how much you love your parents, you don't actually want to BE your parents. It snuck up on me so quietly, I didn't even hear it coming.
You see, my mother is the queen of the big, impossible to get done, to-do list. She is a firm believer that you can get all kinds of things done in a day. When I was in high school she decided to lay new floor in the back entryway and promised me that the whole thing from start to finish should not take more than an hour. (As I recall she had about 8 other projects on her to do list for that day...) well two days and one Spackle tool that was adhered to my butt latter, it was finally done. And she was aggravated because the other stuff on her list wasn't done. Her metaphorical eyes were bigger than her stomach....
And as I sat down at my art table this Friday with a list of art things as long as my arm that I planned on getting done this weekend--only to hit a snag on one of the projects that was only supposed to take "an hour at the most" I realized that my metaphorical art eyes were way bigger than my stomach.
I really need to learn to take my art one project at a time....
Anyway, I did manage to get my over-sized playing card book done. It's for the alcohol inks class I'm going to be teaching. I used pictures from my vegas trip. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. Take a look:

Now I get to move onto the next thing. I'm going to tell myself that I'll get it done when it's done and that's ok.

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