Thursday, February 28, 2008

You Make My Day

The lovely, and talented, Kris over at Retro Cafe Art Gallery listed me a recipient of the "You Make My Day" award. Which is just so sweet of her. But then, if you know Kris, you know that she's a sweetie. A bit sarcastic and funny (funny ha-ha, not excuse-me-I-have-to-go-I-have-a-pie-in-the-oven, funny) but a sweetie, nonetheless.
Here's how it works, I have to pick three blogs to pass it on to. And after some thought, here's who I decided on:
D'Blogala because she does these amazing journal prompts on Friday that I NEVER miss. And her blog is always full of glorious eye-candy. And by eye-candy, I mean art. Not good looking men shoveling snow with their shirts-off. Although, I wouldn't say no to that either.
Bel's Nook is my second pick. Have you seen her amazing stuff? She has the greatest sense of color and is really adventurous in her stamping endeavors. Looking at her art makes me want to be more daring.
And last but not least is Dispatch From LA who always has lovely art and wonderful sense of voice in her entries. Not to be missed.

So, if you are one of the three I mentioned above--then it's your turn to pick three and pass it on. Just be sure to let them know via an email or comment so they can pick up their award.

I will be back tomorrow with art. I promise! Have a good Thursday everyone.

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Kristin Hubick said...

Man, I wish I did have a pie in the oven right now!!! That sounds good! Maybe apple? ;). Thanks for the props :). I think it originally started as picking 10 people, but I've seen lots of variations :). Oh, and guess what - the UTEE I bought? turns out I was "pie in the oven" funny and bought BLUE instead of CLEAR! I was so mad! And that stuff aint cheap!!!!! I never even thought to look. I almost ruined one of my women swap cards too finding out :). Ah well, live and learn. See ya on the 15th!