Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Clear Book

For mother's day I made this little clear acrylic book using a kit by Fancy Pants. It's really great--it comes with the pages and a bunch of acrylic die cuts. I didn't even use half the stuff that came in the box it was so full!
Here are 2 shots of the cover, one closed and one being held open. The baby in the image is my mother. The stamp is by Paperbag Studios.

Here is a shot of the book propped-up. I used alcohol inks on most of the die-cuts, and then accented them using a souffle pen.

Here is a spread I did with a photo of my grandfather and some vintage sheet music.
Here is another spread that I did. I used some gold beads on the bottom of the first page along with some diamond glaze.

I wanted to give a big thank you to Audrey, who was so kind in helping me out with my glue issue. I probably would've thrown the book through a window, if not for your kind help.

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audrey h. said...

How cool! Your book turned out wonderful. Glad that you didn't give up and that you found some glue that worked.