Sunday, February 01, 2009

Oh Darling!

I am just in love with Kris's new line of "Hello Dollies" that are Valentine themed! I am normally not a Valentines day sort of gal--as anyone who knows me well will attest, I am more likely to snort, roll my eyes and make gagging noises at overly romantic stuff. I think it has something to do with the fact that my idea of romantic doesn't always jive with the more traditional cupids and bows sentiment. For me, having my hubby hold my hair while I'm deathly ill from the flu and dry heaving, is the hight of romance--not exactly the sort of thing Hallmark makes a card for.
But I digress.
Back to the Dollies--they are so cute, they move even me to creating something sweet and love-dovey.
Here is a collage I made using a couple of images from her sheet. The main girl and the flowers. Take a look:

I think my favorite part of this piece is the wings--they were cut out of netting and then I dipped them in beeswax and then dusted them with perfect pearls. It was one of those serendipity moments, I was working with beeswax for the background and looking at the netting thinking to myself "Gee, I wish I could figure out a way to make these stiffer..." and then I saw the beeswax and thought "what the hey." It turned out really well. Here is a close-up.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and I'll see you soon!

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