Monday, February 09, 2009

workshop day

This last Saturday we had a workshop day for the IAA and I taught a beeswax collage technique. Here is a photo of the sample:

And her is a photo of Ariane working on hers:
And here is Diana, hanging out. Take a gander at that lovely bag of Copic markers. I have serious marker envy just looking at it.

Shaun, who kindly hosted, has the sweetest pets. Here's a photo of her darling dog, who wanted to make art so badly, she had her nose pressed against the glass whining.

Here is another photo of the dog--can you see me taking the photo?
And lastly, here's Kristin holding the adorable kitty-cat.


Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Such a cute kitty! Why does diana have green hair?? LOL!!! Hope you're surving the power outage :).

Nicks said...

Wow I just adore your beeswax project, I struggle playing with beeswax, wish I lived your side of the pond, so I could come to a workshop!