Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Somedays, it's just not worth it.

So I had a bad teaching morning today. Let me just say, up front, that while I thinking that teaching is a very noble profession, some days, it's just not worth it. And while I'm unloading, I'll just say that I've taught every age imaginable from little children, to college classes, to adults, and adults are by far the WORST. I'd rather teach a six year old, with a propensity towards biting, and a sulky teenager who rolls their eyes and says "whatever" every other syllable simultaneously, while dangling above a snake and scorpion pit with the treat of my eminent death, than to work with adults.
Anyway after the nasty altercation of my morning class where an adult student called me a very not-nice name, (who says age brings maturity?) I came home, had a good cry and created this.
I can't really take credit for the photo of me flipping off the world, because I stole that idea from my friend Bev Crawford, who put a shot of just a hand flipping off in one of her journals, and I found it so funny I tucked it away in my head for future use. Anyway, that is me in the photo. The quote on the side is actually from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I used some brand new letter stencils for this one, and messed up all over the place. Of course, that might have been my mood as well. But I think I've finally figured out that they need to be taped down and allowed to dry a little before lifting off. You can see all the places I gunked. But it kind of fits my mood. Deconstructed and messy.

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audrey h. said...

that is so terrible that an adult student said something nasty to you. Hope these days are few and far between. Have to say that i love the humor you threw into this post :o)