Friday, April 27, 2007

The crazy rules.

Here is a page from my altered art journal. I did the background using acrylic paint as well as some lumiere and metallic calligraphy ink sponged on top. Don't you just love my new letter stamps on the lower left hand corner? I bought them recently and want to use them on everything! The little swirl stamps are Zettiology stamps and the ballet dancer is from a collage stamp by stampington & co.
You can't really see it on this scan, but I wrote out my rules for dealing with people when they suddenly and inexplicably begin acting crazy. Here they are, my crazy rules:
1. Say to them, "You know you are acting crazy? Stop that!"
2. When they attempt to excuse the behavior (i.e. it's been a stresful day, week, month, year, lifetime...) tell them that you "Don't care!" And repeat No. 1
3. Recommend that they go in for a therapy "Tune-up" And repeat No. 1
4. If 1-3 fail, suddenly remember that you have "A pie in the oven" and hang-up the phone, or walk away ending the conversation. Do not be afraid to use the pie excuse even when you are out in public and obviously not near an oven. They are crazy anyway, what do they know??
Now, I have to sign off, I have a pie in the oven.


Catherine said...

I LOVE your crazy rules!!! Expecially the 'pie in the oven' when you're not home....too funny! Oh, and your art is great too!

Colleen said...

I also love your rules! I am going to use them.
and the page protector is fabulous!